New name,
proven products
and services

Frespo is located in Cuijk and is a new name in the market of
fresh potato products. Frespo builds on 31 years’ experience
producing potato products on the location in Cuijk. The
name Frespo is created from a combination of ‘Fresh’ and
‘Potatoes’. Frespo delivers high quality steam fresh and
pre-cooked potato products to our customers in Europe.

From Aviko to Frespo

Since September 11, 2023, Frespo has been the proud owner of the steam-fresh and pre-cooked potato facilities in Cuijk. Prior to this, this facility and its organization were part of Aviko. Since September, we have established an organization to fully serve and cooperate with our customers, suppliers and partners in the best possible way, with ownership of all workflows. 

We are excited to continue delivering delicious, high quality and varied products to our customers. We will continue to work closely with our suppliers and customers, as we build a great team and an efficient operation. Our future plans include growth via innovations, for both existing customers and new customers and markets. It’s our mission to deliver fresh potato solutions to food professionals all over the world.
Anouk ter Laak — CEO

Facts and figures

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A team of 60 dedicated professionals work in the Cuijk operation. With the start of Frespo, a new management team has been formed, consisting Anouk ter Laak, Coen Coremans, Koen Klaasse Bos, Karim Uarghe, Janneke Martens-Peters and Marleen van den Brink.

Peka Kroef the new owner of Frespo

Peka Kroef the new owner of Frespo. Peka Kroef is a 100% family-owned company and has been one of the leading manufacturers of chilled potato products. Together with Peka Kroef, Frespo shapes its future in fresh potato products.

Anouk ter Laak


Coen Coremans


Koen Klaasse Bos

Procurement Manager

Karim Uarghe

Maintenance & Projects Manager

Janneke Martens - Peters

Production Manager

Marleen van den Brink

Quality & Safety Manager