Creamy Cheese Gratin

  • Authentic look as if homemade
  • Creamy and flavourful
  • Suitable for many applications

Frespo Premium Gratin 40% Cream & Cheese are chilled fresh potato slices mixed with a creamy sauce. The gratin is made of potato slices and a full sauce of cream, cheese, garlic and spices. The gratins only need to be heated in the oven or combi-steamer and can be served quickly. This saves time in the kitchen. The potato slices are pasteurized, making the product last longer. The gratin goes well with a fresh salad or as a side dish with classic meat and fish dishes. Personalize the gratin by adding bacon or freshly chopped chives, for example. This product is packed per box with 6 bags of 2000 grams.

Microwave 2 kg, 750 W, 12-15 min.
Oven 220°C, 12-15 min.
Combi steamer Convection 200°C, 15-20 min.

Article number 130002
EAN Code Foil 08721008812441
EAN Code Box 8721008812458
Shelf life 91 days at 2-7°C

Potato sauce 40% (water, cream 7%, rapeseed oil, cheese powder 1.6%, skimmed milk, modified starch, salt, egg yolk, sugar, yeast extract, stabilizers (E415, E401, E450), garlic, spices).

Milk and products made with milk. Eggs and products made with eggs.

Packaging content 2000g
Contents per box 6 x 2000g
Boxes per layer 8
Boxes per pallet 8
Boxes per pallet 64
Pallet dimensions 1200 x 800 x 144cm