Passion for potatoes

Frespo works together with dedicated growers to ensure tasty quality potatoes. We connect with our growers over the passion for the potato. Our partnership guarantees the best tasting potato ends up on the plate.


Frespo is strategically located in Cuijk, close to our growers. Short transport lines and optimal storing facilities guarantee the freshness of our potatoes. This creates the best possible basis for our potato solutions.

It all starts with a fresh potato

Frespo uses different potato varieties, each with its own characteristics. The main potato variety is Hansa: a great tasting, firm cooking potato, with perfectly shaped small tubers. The search for new robust potato varieties is top of mind for our growers, to respond to consumer trends, challenges in cultivation and new regulations.

We are proud of the long-lasting connection of our growers with our product. Under the Frespo flag we continue to expand this partnership.
Koen Klaasse Bos — Procurement Manager