It all starts
with a fresh potato

We are Frespo!
And we are pleased
to meet you.

Frespo delivers high quality fresh potato products, precooked and steam fresh, to the European Foodservice market. We operate from Cuijk in the Netherlands. With over 30 years of experience, robust facilities and enthusiastic employees, Frespo is excited to deliver your next fresh potato solutions.

It all starts with a fresh potato

Every potato we use in our production line, meets our quality standards. With our growers we produce the finest potato varieties, such as Hansa, to consistently deliver the best products to your kitchen. We work with a range of potato varieties, using the right type of potato for each product. Taste, texture, colour, preparation, size: only the best potato is selected for your product.


Partnership is the basis of everything we do. Frespo cooperates with growers to guarantee our customers’ needs. Together with customers we develop potato products that tie into local food trends, preparation methods and market developments.

Convenience for your creation

Our products have been developed to meet customer needs and are quick and convenient to prepare, using a range of cooking methods. We offer great tasting potato products that enable you to add your own creative touch.

The Frespo Team

What makes us special? That’s our team! Experienced and dedicated colleagues work year-round to deliver fresh potato products. With a trained eye and focus on safety and quality, everybody contributes to our mission to deliver fresh potato products all over the world. Our team is energic, committed and agile. We are the sum of many. We are Frespo!

Our Products

  • High quality
  • Good flavor
  • Serve hot or cold
  • Chilled solid potatoes
  • Precooked
  • Steam & fresh range
  • Authentic look as if homemade
  • Creamy and flavourful
  • Suitable for many applications