Every potato we use in our production line, meets our quality standards. Once a potato enters into our production it’s our mission to make sure the potato is treated with care, to preserve nature’s goodness in the final Frespo product.

Every step in our process has its own quality checks and this ensures the potato gets the best treatment to preserve taste, colour and texture.

In addition, every day a group of trained Frespo colleagues test the potato products. Taste, smell, colour and texture is checked and verified. You can rest assured that our products are both safe and delicious!

When it’s time to send Frespo products to our customers, we do one final check to make sure the conditions and temperature of packaging and of the refrigerated trucks is optimal. We go above and beyond to deliver fresh potato solutions.
Bart Aal — Quality Supervisor


Internal and external audits guarantee and confirm the quality of Frespo products. Frespo’s latest certificates can be found here.