Pom’ Fraîches Mini Baby Potatoes with Salt

  • Pre-cooked potatoes
  • Pure potato flavor
  • Small size

Frespo Pom' Fraîches Mini Baby Potatoes with salt are pre-cooked potatoes without skin. The potatoes have an even yellow potato color and firm texture. There are no additives which give the potatoes a pure potato taste. The potatoes are fully pre-cooked and only need to be heated briefly in the oven or combi-steamer. This saves a lot of time in the kitchen. The steam cooking technique retains all the vitamins in the potatoes and they keep longer than freshly peeled potatoes. The potatoes do well in salads or as a side dish with classic meat and fish dishes. These mini baby potatoes are suitable for a gluten-free, lactose-free, vegetarian and vegan diet. This product is packed per box with 6 sheets of 2300 grams.

Oven 220°C, 8-12 min.
Combi steamer 100°C, 100% steam, 5-7 min.
Cooking 6-10 min.
Pan 6-10 min.

Article number 112001
EAN Code Foil 08721008812236
EAN Code Box 08721008812243
Shelf life 112 days at 2-7°C

Potatoes, water, salt

No allergens

Packaging content 2000g
Contents per box 6 x 2000g
Boxes per layer 8
Boxes per pallet 8
Boxes per pallet 64
Pallet dimensions 1200 x 800 x 144cm